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The cloud and other technologies have opened the door to flexible, efficient and productive collaboration. But organizations aren’t confident that working in the cloud is secure.

Many organizations can’t collaborate securely and easily with external people and businesses because there’s no reliable data protection outside the corporate perimeter. So, they lock data down with systems that hamper productivity and frustrates users with continual password prompts and error messages.

However, today’s employee wants to use the tools they’re comfortable with on the devices they prefer in the location of their choice. That means they’re finding ways to use the tools they prefer, even when they aren’t IT-approved.

The rise of shadow IT, where people create unsanctioned systems and processes to reduce barriers to their productivity, is leaving organizations vulnerable to leaks and security breaches.

Unfortunately, trust is difficult to earn but easy to lose.

Organizations that don’t prioritize the protection of the data they generate and handle risk the loss of customers and their hard-won reputation.

It’s time for organizations to think differently about the way they handle data and take steps to secure it beyond their network: in the cloud, with collaborators, on devices.

Organizations and the people who work for them should be able to keep data private. They should be able to quickly and easily share documents with anyone with the advantage of:

  • No changes to the user’s workflow,
  • No interruptions or errors,
  • No limitations on tools; users can work in the way they prefer, and
  • No worrying about exposure as your data passes through unsecured channels.

People need to know their work is secure without creating cumbersome processes that disrupt workflow. They also need to be able to share with confidence that, even in the event of a leak, no one will be able to unlock their data.

Organizations have to face the reality that data is going to leak.

Cloozo empowers people and organizations to share sensitive information freely and with confidence that it will be protected everywhere it goes.

Most companies focus on data protection inside the perimeter, but that isn’t good enough anymore. Today’s companies need to collaborate with other businesses and share information as part of the regular flow of work. Cloozo makes data the new perimeter, allowing you to protect and monitor your information wherever it goes.

With Cloozo, you can watch the path your data takes and see its destination. You can track how it got there. You can see who’s accessing it – inside and outside your organization. And you can remotely destroy data to stop or prevent leaks.

Cloozo enables you to do business in the cloud and trust that your data is secure.